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Outdoor swimming kit for Autumn and Winter.

If you are considering wild swimming into the Autumn and Winter for the first time, we have put together an outdoor swimming kit list of items that we think think makes swimming outdoors more pleasurable and safer during the colder months.

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Why buy organic cotton?

Why is organic cotton better?Organic cotton is more sustainable than non-organic cotton through preventing harmful substances enter the environment and allowing longer term benefit for people and the planet.  At Sea & Stream we aim to source cotton products with organic certification for the following reasons.

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Taking the plunge!

I'm filled with excitement and trepidation as I write this, my first ever blog post! Waterblog is going to be my ramblings linking wild swimming and sustainability.  As wild swimmers, we love the natural environment and wish to do it no harm, however for a while I have pondered why it is so difficult to purchase sustainable products relating to our pastime. Often, the sustainability of swimming products are questionable which just doesn't fit with the lifestyle that we love.  Sea & Stream was born as a tiny remedy to this where people can come to find lovely things for their wild swims.  I hope to write a blog post at least once a week highlighting things sustainability and swimming.  I hope...

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