How to Stop your Swimming Goggles Fogging Up

Steamed up swimming goggles or masks are a common cause of annoyance amongst outdoor swimmers and triathletes, reducing visibility underwater and making sighting difficult. Here are our top tips to help you avoid the curse of the goggle fog.

1. Check the fit of your goggles. 

Ensure you have a good seal around the goggles or mask and that your hair or your swim hat is not trapped under the silicone seal. 

2. Choose swim goggles with anti-fog coating. 

Many good quality swimming goggles and masks come with an anti-fog coating. To prolong the life of the coating, avoid rubbing the surface of the lenses and protect them in a pouch or case so that the lenses don't get scratched.

3. Eco-friendly goggle defog solutions

Goggle defog solution

Sprays and liquids that can be applied to the lenses prevent condensation forming. Our favourite is Stream2Sea's non-toxic, reef safe mask defog.  Originally designed for diving masks, the eco friendly defog lasts for several swims and ensures that no harmful chemicals are entering the water or your eyes as you swim.

Baby shampoo and toothpaste is often recommended as ways of stopping your goggles from fogging. Although these can be effective methods, it is worth considering their long list of chemicals that will enter the water or your eyes. 

4. Spit. 

This may not be a popular method, especially in an era of heightened caution regarding germs, but using your own saliva to add a film of water on the lenses to stop condensation forming can do the trick if other options are not available.  

5. Cool your face down. 

Goggles steam up because your face is warmer than the outside of the goggles.  By cooling your face with water before putting them on, can help to counteract this.   

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