Why buy organic cotton?

Why is organic cotton better?
Organic cotton is more sustainable than non-organic cotton through preventing harmful substances entering the environment and allowing longer term benefit for people and the planet.  At Sea & Stream we aim to source cotton products with organic certification for the following reasons.

1. Less water usage 
Cotton is most commonly grown in countries which are facing water shortages.  Organic cotton aids healthier soil which is able to soak up water during floods and retain water during drought.  Additionally, no synthetic pesticides are used, and watering methods use rain water.  On average, it takes 700 gallons of water to produce a single non-organic T-Shirt.  Organic cotton uses 91% less water to produce.

 2. Benefits the farmer 
Organic cotton farmers have no ill effects on their health compared to those who use synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.  The average life expectancy of a non-organic cotton farmers in India is mid-30’s due to chemical exposure.

The farmer benefits financially through reduced production costs through eliminating the use of pesticides.  Farmers are also able to save seeds from the crops and plant for further crops, thus eliminating their reliance on genetically modified (GM) seed companies.

Farmers are able to grow cotton alongside food crops grown tor their families.  

3.  Reduced water pollution
In organic cotton farming, the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers are banned, therefore keeping rivers, lakes and drinking water more clean.  

4. Prevent climate change
Due to the differences in production processes, 46% less greenhouse gasses are produced during organic cotton growth (Soil Association).

How do I know if it is really organic cotton?
To ensure that cotton has certified organic status in the UK, look out for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification.

Sea & Stream aim to source cotton products with organic certification such as the OCS standard in the organic cotton towels and blankets.

Orange colour organic cotton blanket draped over chair

For further information regarding organic cotton, the Soil Association provides comprehensive details.