Ocean Debris Litter Collection Bag
Ocean Debris Litter Collection Bag

Fourth Element

Ocean Debris Litter Collection Bag

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The wild swimming community are pulling together to keep swim spots litter free.  The Fourth Element ocean debris bag is a reusable mesh bag which rolls up small and can be attached to your tow float, allowing you to collect litter you find during your swim*.  

- Drainable mesh
- Convenient size for litter
- Packable
- Velcro closure
- Handy clip 
- 100% Polyester

Bag dimensions
Unrolled 53cm x 35cm
Rolled 18cm x 5.5cm

Care instructions
- Rinse in cold clean water

* Ensure you follow safe procedures when collecting litter.  A useful guide can be found at: https://plasticpatrol.co.uk/blog/2020/06/05/litter-picking-health-and-safety/