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gorgeous top

I just love this top. I'm only a size 10 5' tall so I ordered a small but it was so tight I couldn't breathe but the medium is perfect. It looks great and is thick enough to make a real difference in the water but is easy to get off (bikini top underneath). I just love it and it will enable me to keep swimming. Big thanks to Sea & Stream

Excellent extra warmth and good fit

This was perfect for my cold water swimming in November. Had just enough extra warmth to stay in a bit longer. Great fit too.


I tried my friends long sleeve version of this and it was such a faff to get off. This is a great happy medium that adds a bit of warmth during those colder months, but is small enough (I.e less fabric than a shortie wetsuit etc) to be easily rinsed and dried. The fact it is just for the body and relatively thin, means you still get a “cold” swim experience (if that’s what you’re going for), but can manage to stay in just that bit longer!

Puffin Billy

Good quality exterior and remained dry inside👍 Liked the handles. Would buy again

Functioning swim cap

Fits my head, stops my hair getting wet, fits my long hair into the cap when I tie it up. Comfortable enough that by the end of my dip I've forgotten to remove it twice, to great halarity of other people.

Only downside (for me, possible positive for others) is it covers my ears, stops water getting into my ears which is good but means I can't hear as well so I'd prefer it not covering my ears (can be put just behind my ears but requires a small fold to do so (less comforatble).

Beautiful gift and perfect wrapping!

Really loved the socks, perfect for a post dip warm up.

So warm great quality

Good fitting high quality delighted with the purchase


Shorts are great, but the service from Lou is exceptional

Fabulous, but difficult to take off!

This has been an excellent purchase, particularly as the temperature has recently dropped. As I feel the cold in my shoulders and arms but am not a fan of standard wetsuits this has been great. However (and it is a big however!) as the zip doesn't go down the full length of the body it is really hard to get off after swimming. I am relying on another swimmer helping me to pull it off my arms, else I'll be wearing it all day! I think a longer zip could be an easy solution here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write the review. We agree it is tricky to take off, but it seems to get easier over time. The Yulex jacket is another option for people who are finding the swimsuit too tricky to remove. We will pass your feedback onto Zone3.


This top adds so much warmth for my autumn and winter dips. It makes a massive difference to my core body temperature. I can stay in the water a lot longer and I enjoy my swims more too. It’s really easy to get on and off, and it’s easy to swim in. Unlike a wet suit, it’s not restrictive or frustrating to put on and off. Easy to pop in my bag. My only slight issue is it takes a long time to dry and is hard to squeeze out excess water, but that’s not a criticism, just a comment, and something to be aware of. Probably could do with a second one!! I call it my magic top. 🏊‍♀️😍

Loving my long sleeves

This top has been perfect to keep me sea swimming as the weather turns a bit more autumnal. It's really well made, super easy for getting on and off and really comfortable. I am delighted to have found a more sustainable alternative to neoprene.

Does the job and environmentally friendly!

Keeps my feet warm and dry while I'm changing, so happy to have a recycled thing, instead of bringing new things into the world! Great!


Great autumn suit for outdoor swimming. The fit was good, bought xl as most of my cycling gear is xl, although a size 12/14 in normal clothes. The core is kept warm throughout, occasional seep at the back of the neck but not a major issue. Swam mainly breast stroke and had no issues with arm movement. Taking it off takes some skill as the zip prevent double arm release but you can manoeuvre one arm out then the rest is easy. Really happy with the Yulex, great for autumn and spring wear. Would recommend.

absolute revelation

The Upcycled Neoprene Changing Mat is an absolute revelation! Gone are the days of dreading the squelchy, wet aftermath of a glorious lake swim. With this mat, I can step out of the water and onto its water-resistant surface, keeping my feet and shoes delightfully dry! It's like having a little island of comfort waiting for me at the water's edge. Not only has it elevated my outdoor experience, but it's done so with the added bonus of being eco-friendly. I genuinely couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase; it's taken the joy of lake swimming to an entirely new level!

A Personal Reflection on "Wild Swimming Walks: South Wales"

Reading Nia Lloyd Knott's "Wild Swimming Walks: South Wales" has filled me with excitement for my upcoming visits to my grandchildren in South Wales, where we can all explore these scenic walks and take refreshing swims together.

A Sustainable Splash

Wearing the Cayman Recycled Nylon Swimming Shorts was not only stylish and comfortable, but it made me feel good about contributing to sustainability.

Recommended. They keep my hands warm.

I’m very pleased with my gloves. They keep my hands warm, and due to the tight seal at the wrists as well as the strap and Velcro fastening, they’re virtually watertight, which I’m sure contributes to keeping my hands warm. I’m a small woman, and opted for medium sized gloves which were perfect.

Waterproof Phone Case

Highly recommend

The bottle is expensive but lasts months swimming 3 times a week and it works each and every time I use it.

Brilliant customer service

I recently purchased a Bright Silicone Swim Cap which I gave a 2 star review for as it was too tight and uncomfortable for my long hair. I then received a lovely email appreciating my feedback and offering me a complimentary swimming cap for longer hair that they are just introducing. They are sending it to me now. I often wonder whether I should give an honest opinion but it gave the company chance to put it right. I was also told that if neither are suitable then I will return them for a full refund. You can’t get any better than that!

Great Coverage Sporty Bikini

I have been on the look out for a sporty bikini I can "swim properly" in for a while. This one ticked the boxes. I love the three colours, it gives the bikini more of an interesting look than just 1 plain colour. I was pleasantly surprised that the coverage worked for my shape. My bust is quite large, but with a small back measurment so often sizes like S,M,L or even 12,14 etc just don't work. My only reason for dropping a star is that when I dried it handing from the straps the next time I swam in it my **** nearly fell out!! I learned from that and now hang it differently to dry and it's been grand ever since. Thank you Lou for sourcing such ethically sound, yet functional and funky swimwear. Great purchase! Raych

New swimsuit

Love that swimsuit is recycled material. Fits great, very comfortable and easy dry. Thanks

Another great suit - love it!

This is my second suit from Basmar and it doesn’t disappoint. I bought it primarily for the inner bust shelf liner, which for anyone with **** I highly recommend. It’s also just a great, general purpose sporty swimsuit - Hooray!

Great costume- needs a longer zip

I’m very happy with the swimming costume. Keeps me really warm on longer swims. It is SO hard to get off though! The zip needs to be an inch or two longer. It’s a real struggle to get off. In hindsight I would have ordered the yulex jacket, which is way easier to get on and off.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the costume. We will feed back the your comments about needing a longer zip. Happy Swimming!

Great cossie for women!

I'm no spring chicken and this cossie is fab. Comfortable and even dare I say it flattering. I'm looking forward to my first swim in it