Helping Hands

Folding litter picker made in the UK

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Outdoor swimmers all over the UK are doing an amazing task of keeping beaches and waterside areas clear of litter. Litter picking is an excellent post swim warm up. 

Manufactured in the UK, the Safe Pick Pro's foldable, lightweight design allows it to fit easily into your backpack allowing you to collect litter wherever you are.  The folding litter picker is available in two size options.  The smaller version minimises space taken up in a rucksack and is also suitable for children to use.  The longer length avoids you having to bend when reaching for litter.


- Manufactured in the UK
- Robust, lightweight and foldable
- Trigger style litter grabber
- Two size options (extended length):
   - Short 54.6cm/21.5"
   - Long  83.8cm/33"



The Maker

Helping Hand Environmental are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of sustainable litter pickers, litter picking equipment and reusable litter clearance tools – made with love from Herefordshire since 1965.