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Guppyfriend™ Microfibre Filter Laundry Bag

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The Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag is a patented solution which prevents synthetic garments from releasing harmful plastic microfibers into the waterways

Up to 700,000 microfibers may be released with every single clothes wash, allowing the plastic fibres from synthetic textiles to make their way from your washing machine into rivers and oceans.  Plastic can absorb high concentrations of poisonous substances.  The microfibers are consumed by aquatic animals and enter the food chain. 

The Guppyfriend™ washing bag is engineered from a specially designed micro-filter material that doesn't shed fibres itself.  It filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing.  You then simply collect the fibres from the bag and dispose of them properly.

Synthetic fibres are functional and durable for outdoor activities including swimming.  At present, it is difficult and often cost prohibitive to avoid using synthetic fibres altogether.  Sea & Stream stock the Guppyfriend Washing bag to provide you with a solution to preventing microfibers reaching ocean and rivers during washing.  


- Self cleaning laundry bag
- Filters harmful microfibers and prevents them entering the waterways
- Patented design
- Dimensions: 50cm x75cm
- 100% polyamide that does not shed microfibers

Care Instructions

1. Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend. Do not overfill.
2. Close the Guppyfriend and wash as usual (max temperature 40°)
3. Take out wet textiles after washing. 
4. Remove the released microfibers from the upper corners inside of the Guppyfriend and dispose properly.
5. The bag is self cleaning.  Do not rinse under running water.

The Maker

Guppyfriend™ laundry bag was created by STOP! Micro Waste and the STOP! Plastic Academy to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution, and to educate students, adults and industry partners about the problem.  STOP! Micro Waste is a nonprofit initiative to explore and initiate ideas on how to avoid, replace and re-use plastics. It was initiated by Langbrett, a group of surfers and nature lovers.  Profits from the sale of the Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag go to STOP! Micro Waste and the STOP! Plastic Academy.