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Handknitted Long Wool Socks - olive

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These long Pachamama Finisterre socks are hand knitted on a Fair Trade basis in Nepal using 100% wool.  The design uses bands of traditional Fair Isle patterns made up of carefully selected colours. The socks can be used in roomy boots or indoors to warm your toes up after a chilly dip. 

Product features

- Hand knitted 100% wool
- Made in Nepal
- Fairly Traded
- One size; Sole length approximately 24cm

Care instructions

Machine wool wash max 30 degrees or cool handwash. Short spin. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry.

The Maker

Pachamama began in 1990 when they started trading goods from the Andean Mountains of South America, the inspiration for their name translates as "Earth Mother" from Quechua the ancient language of the Incas. Since 1996 they have also been trading in handmade wool and cotton products from Nepal.

Since those early days Pachamama has developed h5 and sustainable relationships with their suppliers based on mutual respect for all links in the chain of production - from sourcing and collecting raw materials to designing and marketing finished products. They have worked with some of the same producers for 20 years - ensuring continuous and solid economic and social growth for a large number of people.

The majority of Pachamama's production is village based, with the knitters supplementing their incomes from farming and fitting production around their own family and work commitments. A small number of people work in a factory environment to make hand framed knitting, to hand finish and pack garments, and to produce a range of hand felted items. All the people work in excellent conditions and receive benefits and pay above the local standards.

Despite the seasonal nature of their business Pachamama is committed to providing year round orders for their knitters to ensure a regular and reliable income.