Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle in Stainless Steel - 'Trekker' Small

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Get back to basics with this great piece of kit.  Kelly Kettles allow you to boil water wherever you go.  Using whatever natural fuel is lying around (twigs, dry grass, heather, birch bark, pine cones etc) the kettle will bring water to the boil within a matter of minutes.  

The smallest of the Kelly Kettles, the 'Trekker' boils 0.6 ltrs of water at a time, perfect for a warming post swim cuppa with you and your swim buddy.  The green whistle on the kettle will let you know when the water has boiled.  

h5 with nothing to fail or break, the kettles work extremely well in both good and harsh weather conditions.  They are a vital piece of camping equipment for any outdoor person. 

A fire base & drawstring carrying bag are included as Standard with each Kelly Kettle. The durable steel fire base inverts up into the bottom of our kettles to make the unit as compact as possible for transport and storage.

Sea & Stream also stock two larger sizes of the kettle.

Please note:
 The Kettle has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried upright to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

Older Kettles may have an Orange Rubber or Cork Stopper. These MUST ALWAYS be removed before using the kettle. The Kettle must never be boiled with these older stoppers in the spout. 

Product Features

Diameter - 14cm / 5.5 inches
Weight - 0.68kg / 1.5lb
Capacity - 0.6ltr / 21.1oz (UK)
Kettle height - 27cm / 10.6 inches (Packed)