Litter picker made with recycled ocean plastic
Litter picker made with recycled ocean plastic
Litter picker made with recycled ocean plastic


Litter picker made with recycled ocean plastic

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Outdoor swimmers all over the UK are doing an amazing task of keeping beaches and outdoor areas clear of litter. The Waterhaul litter picker's handle, trigger and jaw are made with 100% recycled plastic from trawl fishing nets, helping you to safely collect litter without adding new waste.

Lightweight and simple to use, the entire product is 100% recyclable. It even features a magnetic tip for easy collection of bottle caps and small metal objects. 

- Handle, trigger and jaw – 100% recycled fishing nets (polypropylene)
- Shaft – Aluminium
- String – Nylon
- Gripper – Rubber
- Length - 82cm

The Maker
Waterhaul is a social enterprise based in Newquay, Cornwall.  They intercept plastic from the ocean and transform it into high-quality, functional products for adventure and ‘symbols for change’.  Every year at least 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are lost or discarded in the ocean. Samples of plastic waste accumulating in oceanic gyres reveal 46% of this plastic, by weight, is attributable to fishing gear.  Using plastic generated from discarded fishing nets, Waterhaul produce recycled eyewear.

Waterhaul developed the idea for a litter picker whilst conducting beach cleans and recovering ghost gear along the Cornish coastline. It didn’t make sense to them that non-recyclable virgin plastic was being formed to construct the equipment used by individuals who take direct action against the plastic pollution crisis. Instead, they thought that beach cleans feel more inspired and hopeful if the equipment was constructed from the very ocean plastic material they were intercepting.

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