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BeeBee Organic Cotton Beeswax Food Wraps - Ocean Family Pack

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These beeswax food wraps are a great reusable alternative to clingfilm, helping you to reduce your plastic wastage. Made with GOTs certified organic cotton and beeswax, the wraps are fully moldable allowing you to shape the wrap around your food or container.  They can be used on anything except raw meat or fish.  Once you have finished with the wrap, you wash it in cold, soapy water and drip dry, ready to be used again.

In your pack, you will receive 5 BeeBee beeswax wraps in a mix of ocean themed designs. Please note that you won't necessarily receive the design combination that you see pictured, one of the ideas behind the pack is to help to eliminate waste, so the designs are dependent on what is available at BeeBee headquarters.

Small packs are also available.


- Five wraps - 33 x 33 cm (2), 26 x 26 cm (2), 18 x 18 cm (1)
- GOTs certified organic cotton
- Certified organic low impact dyes
- Ocean themed prints
- Beeswax, organic jojoba oil and natural tree resin
- Handmade in Britain
- Lasts for approximately 1 year
- Once the wrap is no longer useable it can be composted
- Recycled packaging

Care Instructions

- Wash with soap in cold water and air dry
- Refresh in the oven every few months
- Only wrap cold food within the wrap
- Not suitable for microwave or oven use
- Keep away from naked flame as the wraps are flammable 

The Maker

BeeBee is a British based company started up by Kath who perfected making food wraps at home. BeeBee beeswax wraps are ethical and sustainable from cotton grower through to production. They support their bee populations by actively working alongside their beekeeping communities to perpetuate the pollinating population and strive to reach zero waste and low impact in everything they do.