‘PackDivider’ Ultra-Lightweight Drysack (various sizes)

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Aquapac's range of PVC free ultra lightweight waterproof drybags are really versatile for your swim adventures. The sacks are great for stuffing your wet gear into after a swim or for placing inside a tow-float on a point to point swim, to ensure your clothing and items remain dry.  The translucency of the white nylon means you can make out what’s inside.  The grab handle at the base allows you to pull them out of a larger bag with ease.   


- IPX6 stormproof rating
- Three roll seal 75D nylon
- Grab handles both ends
- Colour coded bases with each size
- 75D nylon,
- PU-coated inside, silicone-coated outside (PVC-Free/0% vinyl)
- Designed in the UK
- Manufactured in China


The Maker

Aquapac create functional, protective solutions with practical carrying systems by using innovative design with sustainability built into the product life and into the manufacturing processes and materials.

Aquapac state: "Our mission is simple: design and manufacture high quality products. We don’t cut corners as people deserve top-notch gear to protect their equipment. Our submersible cases are all made in our own factory. We design and sub contract the manufacturing of our back packs, day sacks and other splashproof products to trusted suppliers in the Far East who have proven records in these fields".

Aquapac products are used by hikers, mountain climbers, holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. Aquapacs are also used by Search & Rescue and Emergency Services, Coast Guards, Lifeguards, Forestry managers, Shipping companies and by many other outdoor workers all over the world.