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Swimming with Seals by Victoria Whitworth

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Swimming with Seals is a frequently recommended book by outdoor swimmers. Published in May 2021, this is a memoir of intense physical and personal experience, exploring how swimming with seals, gulls and orcas in the cold waters off Orkney provided Victoria Whitworth with an escape from a series of life crises and helped her to deal with intolerable loss. It is also a treasure chest of history and myth, local folklore and archaeological clues, giving us tantalising glimpses of Pictish and Viking men and women, people lost to history, whose long-hidden secrets are sometimes yielded up by the land and sea.

Book details
- Author: Whitworth, Victoria
- Publisher: Head of Zeus
- Format: Paperback
- Publication Date: 13/05/2021
- ISBN: 9781838937447
- B-Code: B056104
- Pages: 304
- Dimensions: 198x129mm