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Time and Tide Clock

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Always be in the know about local tide activity with this time and tide clock from Circular&Co.  This clock would make a perfect gift for any eco-conscious sea swimmer.  Synchronising to the moon's daily cycle, the clock gives an average guide to local tide times. Built to last, but recyclable at it's end of life, the clock is made in the UK using recycled paper packaging.  

Made in the UKRecycled

Crafted using recycled paper packaging
Robust slate look and feel
Made in the UK
Requires 1 x AA batteries (not included)
Designed to be wall mounted
Size: 20cm x 20cm
Colour: Black


The Maker

Circular&Co. aim to make apparently useless materials, destined for landfill, into genuinely useful, sustainable and well-designed products.  This is called ‘closed loop’ design which drives the development of the circular economy.