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Wool Turn Up Bobble Hat - denim

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This chunky handknitted hat with turned up brim features a 100% wool outer and a fleece lining made with recycled plastic bottles. The hat is designed in Britain and ethically hand knitted in Nepal.  It is sure to keep you warm during chilly swims.  

Gloves and a peaked hat are also available in this pattern.




- 100% wool outer
- Full fleece lining made with recycled plastic bottles
- Makers label stitched on
- Hand knitted
- Denim multi pattern
- One size
- Unisex

Please note: Due to the hat being handmade, the pattern may vary slightly.  All hats have been checked for quality by Sea & Stream. 

The Maker

Kusan Hats production is underpinned by responsible raw material sourcing, a low carbon footprint and sustainable manufacturing processes.  They have a h5 focus on the welfare of their factory’s hand-knitters through a safe and supportive environment to work.  Every member of staff received fair wages for the hours that they have worked, sufficient breaks and free food.