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25l Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

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The Aquapac premium-featured lightweight waterproof daysack is perfect for a walk-swim day adventure.  The waterproof backpack is designed for comfort, it is packed with useful features. It includes a bright yellow removable internal pocket that allows you to separate your wet and dry things after a swim.  The interior sac's bright colour allows you to see to the bottom of the bag easily and an integrated clear key pocket prevents you losing your keys at the bottom of the bag.  External mesh pockets fit flasks of up to 2 litres.  The bag's roll top protects everything from the elements.  A small removable back support can double up as a small seat.  It is not a huge backpack but can fit a tightly rolled changing robe, packed lunch and change of clothes making it perfect for a day hike and wild swim or quick trip to a local swim spot.


-PVC free

- Bright yellow full-size waterproof internal pocket – allows you to separate your wet and dry things (or dirty and clean things) stowed safely in the same bag
- Internal pocket in yellow – allowing you to see to the bottom of the bag easily
- Clear key pocket – no need to scrabble around inside the bag for those small items
- External mesh-pockets – keep a bottle or flask ready for whenever you need it
- PU-coated fabric with taped seams – water can’t seep in through the seams, even where they are sewn
- Proven roll-seal – quick and easy closure which provides excellent sealing against the elements
- Removable back support/seat – take it out to dry it quickly after a soaking, or protect yourself when sitting on rough terrain
- Carabiner – so you can attach your map-case, water-bottle or safety equipment to keep it convenient and hands-free
- Integral light-lash – add a light to your back
- Breathable mesh straps – quick-drying and breathable mesh straps are lightweight and comfortable
- Reflective logo print – be seen at night with reflective ink on your back, but be subtle in daylight
- Sternum strap – keep the backpack securely in place when you are moving on the trail
- Waist strap
- 100% PVC-Free – stays supple and crack-free even when it’s really cold
- Made in China

The Maker

Aquapac create functional, protective solutions with practical carrying systems by using innovative design with sustainability built into the product life and into the manufacturing processes and materials.

Aquapac state: "Our mission is simple: design and manufacture high quality products. We don’t cut corners as people deserve top-notch gear to protect their equipment. Our submersible cases are all made in our own factory. We design and sub contract the manufacturing of our back packs, day sacks and other splashproof products to trusted suppliers in the Far East who have proven records in these fields".

Aquapac products are used by hikers, mountain climbers, holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. Aquapacs are also used by Search & Rescue and Emergency Services, Coast Guards, Lifeguards, Forestry managers, Shipping companies and by many other outdoor workers all over the world.