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Wool bobble hat - red/pink/cream

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This cosy hand knitted hat will keep you toasty during or after a dip.  The hat features block stripes in red, dark pink and cream.  Kusan hats are ethically made in Nepal and designed in Britain.  


- 100% wool outer
- Polyester fleece lined inner for extra comfort
- Hand knitted
- Red, pink and cream wool block stripes
- One size
- Unisex

Please note: Due to the hat being handmade, the pattern may vary slightly.  All items have been checked for quality by Sea & Stream. 

The maker

Kusan Hats production is underpinned by responsible raw material sourcing, a low carbon footprint and sustainable manufacturing processes.  They have a h5 focus on the welfare of their factory’s hand-knitters through a safe and supportive environment to work.  Every member of staff received fair wages for the hours that they have worked, sufficient breaks and free food.