Wrist Warmer Knitting Kit
Wrist Warmer Knitting Kit

Colonsay Wool Growers

Wrist Warmer Knitting Kit

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Perfect for any knitting swimmers.  These knitting kits created by the Colonsay Wool Growers contain everything you need to knit some cosy wrist warmers.  The yarn is produced from fleeces of sheep raised at Balnahard Farm on the Hebridean island of Colonsay.  Available in a choice of natural grey or green yarn which is dyed using nettles from the local land.

- Blueface leicester/Hebridean blend wool from sheep reared on Colonsay.
- Knitting kit contains; Preloved knitting needles, 100g of Colonsay wool, Knitting pattern and sewing needle.
- Packaged in a cardboard box
- Available in natural grey or nettle green wool.

The maker
The Colonsay Wool Growers raise the sheep from which the fleece come from and hand dye the wool using natural dyes from the local environment. 


Made in Britain